This is more than a digital menu for your restaurant

Your customers will be able to make orders and pay straight away. Improve the efficiency focussing on your client’s happiness, and especially, you’ll make decisions looking at your own stats.
  • Digital menú
  • Payments
  • Business Intelligence
IT & User experience

Improve your restaurant efficiency and service

PicknEat helps you to deal with any process of your restaurant. Your customer will be able to order and pay straight away, you just worry about following every order that arrives at the waitress screen, faster, cleaner, more efficient… Get more time for your client’s happiness!

Easy customization & Launch

Create your digital menu just with a few clicks

With the PicknEat control panel, you will be able to set up your multi-language menu and customize the app to your restaurant needs. In less than 5 minutes your digital menu with superpowers will be running!

Business intelligence

Grant intelligence to your restaurant based on your stats & data.

Each user, each order leaves a trace in the system, you will be able to use it and analyze it. Know better your target (gender, age, location) and discover what they like most. Is time to use the power of BI to make successful decisions. Let’s grow together!